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What's the 'T in Steep't?

Posted by Alison Nathanson on
What's the 'T in Steep't?

3 easy steps. 2 minutes. The perfect cocktail.

We never thought making a quality cocktail could be so simple. It's almost too good to believe, so we're here today to break down exactly how Steep't works its cocktail magic.

The mixing process

  1. Add cold water. The quantity depends on the drink. Our spicy margaritas calls for 2 shots of water, while our old fashioned only needs a "pony" shot (0.75 oz).

  2. Infuse the bag for 2 minutes. You'll know it's ready when the sugar (or sugar substitute) is mostly dissolved. For a spicier or more intense flavor, leave the bag in longer. Pro tip: repetitively dunk the tea bag in the water, for a faster infusion.

  3. Add liquor. Our recipes are designed for one shot (1.5oz). Feel free to add more or less, depending on how boozy you like it.

What we're made of

In tea bag format, Steep’t is made of an all-natural blend of dehydrated fruit, herbs, spices, sugar and natural sugar substitutes, like monkfruit sweetener. 

Steep't combines both whole and ground ingredients. The ground ingredients, like ground cloves and lime powder, work quickly to infuse bursts of flavor in cold water. This works because, compared to whole ingredients, granulated ingredients have larger surface area. The whole ingredients, like jalapeño and orange slices, deliver more subtle notes, similar to what you'd experience if you mixed your cocktail from scratch (but who has time for that??).

Don't be fooled, though: while slower to infuse, those whole pieces of jalapeño pack a punch, and the heat will intensify the longer you steep the bag.   


More questions? Check out our FAQ!

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