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Premium Cocktails Made Easy

Create an all natural, top-shelf beverage in 2 minutes!

Same Great Taste

No artificial flavors, additives or chemicals
with the same delicious flavor you're used to.

Quick & Easy

No need to lookup recipes online, or get lost at your local grocery store. Just pop in a steep't bag and voilà, a perfect cocktail!

All Natural, No Fillers

No artificial flavors, additives or chemicals.

Same Quality, Lower Price

Bring the same top-shelf, restaurant-caliber cocktails into your home at a fraction of the cost.

3 Simple Steps

Current steep't Cocktails

No Hot Water Required!

Our different combinations of dehydrated fruit, sugars and spices require a small amount of water that does not need to be heated (unlike other tea-like mixers).


Easy to Store

Steep't is compact and easy to store with a long expiration date. You don't have to worry about spacing, refrigeration, or the ingredients going bad.