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Premium Cocktails Made Easy

Create all-natural, premium quality cocktails in 2 minutes!

Same Great Taste

No artificial flavors, additives or chemicals,
with the same delicious flavor you're used to.

Quick & Easy

No need to lookup recipes online, or get lost at your local grocery store. Just pop in a steep't bag and voilà, a perfect cocktail!

All Natural, No Fillers

No artificial flavors, additives or chemicals.

Same Quality, Lower Price

Bring the same top-shelf, restaurant-caliber cocktails into your home at a fraction of the cost.

3 Simple Steps

Current steep't Cocktails

Take it on the go - no hot water required!

Unlike tea, Steep't infuses with cold water. 

Plus, because Steep't is light, compact and dehydrated, take it with you to enjoy anywhere, anytime!


Easy to Store

Steep't is easy to store and is shelf-stable. No need to worry about space or refrigeration.